Welcome to our web site.

This is the home of the Pirates of Polruan children’s books and portraits in pastel by Debra Parkes
For those who want to keep up to date on our latest book developments and seagull antics why not take a look at our Facebook and Twitter accounts which we are always updating.

Our first book entitled The Pirates of Polruan is complete. Printed copies are available through this web site or through our stockists in Penzance Bag O’Rags  and Treasure. This first book contains a tale about how a band of seagulls steal pasties from a bakery in Fowey but have to dodge  the bakery guard dog Bertie. Our second book is now in artwork and a third is in story development.

Debra is our pastel portrait specialist. SHe regularly takes commissions and you can see some of her work on pastel portrait page, so why not pop over and take a look round. These make excellent gifts.