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Here you find our range of free to download/print and use our artwork.

Safety data Images

PIlot laders base image

Ship ladder images. These have been created to help support the drive for safer access to and from vessels. Official guidance is available from the SOLAS website: and


This second image is in support of combinations e.g. ladder and accommodation ladder. Users of these images should always refer to the official SOLAS regulations as provided above.





Seagull – Bin day posters

These have been created as a visual reminder for those who need to provide others with advice about bin collections as to which day is bin day.

Seagulls are destructive and will decimate bin bags if given the opportunity.

*A4 size single image displaying text “Please dot not put bins out until day of collection” message and space for entering day underneath.

Access pdf file: A4 single image


*A4 cottage owners welcome pack sheet displaying single image and providing space for owners to write in their own message.

Access pdf file: A4 Welcome pack insert


 *A4 sheet displaying three graphic signs with trim guides. Words on each sign say “Please do not put bin out until day of collection”. A space is provided for adding the appropriate day.

Access pdf file: 3 x Bin day A4 sheet


*Denotes item(s) can be downloaded and used freely for personal and commercial purposes.