Pirates of Polruan

Our children’s book ‘The Pirates of Polruan’.

Our first Children’s book is complete.

Our first story depicts the cunning escapades of a group of pirate seagulls under the command of ‘Patch’. In this first story they endeavour to steal Cornish pasties from an unsuspecting tourist.

The book is printed in full colour throughout with a gloss laminated card cover. Our books are printed in the UK and proudly carry the Union Jack flag on the back. We are proud to support UK suppliers. We hope you agree with us. We make it a pledge to keep all current and future publishing within the UK.

Our latest title under development is titled ‘The Fowey Fish Bar Robbery’.

Pirates of Polruan (20 printed pages). Books cost £4.50 (inc P&P to UK mainland or are available through Bag ‘O’ Rags and Treasure shops in Penzance.

Following from our range of seagull inspired cartoons, we had the idea of creating a little short story of what these devious little critters get up to. Knowing how seagulls crave food and with us having a knowledge of the Polruan and Fowey area, we decided to bring the two together into a neat little children’s book.

The story is based around the antics of a local band of cut throat villains led by ‘Patch’, the one eyed seagull. In this, our first story, Patch takes them over to Fowey in a daring plan to make off with tasty Cornish pasties. It isn’t all plain sailing however as the bakery is guarded by Bertie the guard Dachshund dog.

This first batch of  lovingly illustrated full colour books is available for £4.50 inc P&P to UK mainland.

Editor: this first short run edition is limited to just 50 books (70% sold already)

Latest Update: 07/007/2017

It’s done! Yes all the story and illustrations are complete and we have had our first decent copy produced. We are now looking at completing a short pilot run before investigating a professional print run. The video above provides a sneek preview of whats in the book and although there will be some changes to the printed paper and cover material the bones of the work are done. Needless to say we’re indebted to all those who’ve helped us along the way to date.

Latest Update: 20/05/2017

After a hectic month, we’re finally at the finishing post. Just one illustration to update and a handful of text changes and we’re all done. Feedback from one of our twitter friends @Tattysquawk and her friends has helped enormously in identifying the final things that need attention. Our next plan will be to create a short run of less than 20 books using high quality copying service. These should provide a good example of what a pukka printed copy might look like. From this we hope to approach some children’s book publishers.

Update: 05/04/2017

We  are up to a necks in illustrations. each new illustration is scanned and then added to our master file. each illustration takes on average 3-4 hours to complete with perhaps an hour or so on top of that to sketch them out. Sketches can often be found on our Twitter page under the #Pirates_of_Polruan