Cornwall capers

We’re just back from a late break to Cornwall. During this break, I had a few tasks in mind for the VR cameras; namely a quick trip to Cotehele House to grab some pics/video of their xmas garland and to try and get a range of 360 still shots from Fowey for use later on as the basis for some 360 illustrations. Another extra would be a bonus.

Thankfully the weather was on our side for the most part and we managed to achieve all the tasks and some. I took with me both the Xiaomi Mi Sphere 360 and the Ricoh Theta V. I also made sure I had the Manfrotto extension pole and a small telescopic tripod a selfie stick. To be honest I used the tripod and selfie stick more than the Manfrotto pole. tripod and selfie stickThe uneven ground and strong winds would be too much for the Manfrotto so that was pretty much left in the car boot. I Have found that a selfie stick screwed to the tripod mount and extended gives an almost invisible pole and if the tripod is in it’s contracted state it actually isn’t too obtrusive. I found it took a little tweaking to get things level but for the most part worked quite well. The only downside was it was a bit cumbersome and I didn’t trust moving the selfie stick whilst it was still attached to the tripod.

I achieved all the pre trip objectives which was good and was able to post a few samples up to the Kuula 360 image hosting site ( and a clip or two to our YouTube channel (

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