Goggle eyed…

This blog entry looks at something I thought would be complete and utter rubbish. Turns out I need to eat my words as I was completely wrong. I’ve since found another and value-able addition to the photo bag.

I am talking about a pair of VR specs. These nifty little things come in two parts (although some are foldable) and clip over a smart phone so that you can then view VR content on Youtube or other VR enabled sites than can split content between left and right eye. These little viewers also mean people can view and share without being locked out of their immediate environment. The cardboard and cheap plastic viewers that require you to insert a phone into and then place over your head do provide a better VR experience, but take up more space and time to configure which can be troublesome.

The cost of these specs is also cheap, very nearly Christmas Cracker cheap, but that doesn’t mean they are rubbish. I’ve found they work perfectly and provide for a clean and very crisp image. Whilst trying them  with fellow colleagues, all were surprised in using them. Our infection control personnel also loved them. The ability to avoid large amounts of foam padding with inherent moisture traps were seen as a godsend.

For me, it means I can keep a pair handy in the coat and in the bag. I can then apply to my phone and set things up for the viewer so they can access VR images without delay and without a need to put on heavy a headset. The phone can then equally be shared amongst interested colleagues who all get to see and visualise VR without being locked out of their immediate surroundings.

If you travel a lot, you will know the hassle of trying to carry with you a VR headset and the every presently issue of whether it’s charged or not! A pair of these whilst not replacing the built VR headset does mean a cheap way to provide a demo via a smartphone and for less than a quality glass of coffee. Win win situation if you ask me.

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