NZMPA Character

New Zealand Maritime Pilots Association Conference

Pilot Pete – Cartoon character for use on conference media, conference gift and welcome message.

We were contacted by president of the New Zealand Maritime Pilots Association (NZMPA) about the possibility of developing our pilot ladders safety character into something for their biennial conference taking place in November 2018. An initial sketch led to the development of a wraparound design that was tested through a local UK supplier. Adjustments were made before the final artwork scanned and transferred for local (New Zealand) manufacture. The artwork was generated through the medium of coloured pencil and pen.

This same concept was then applied in the creation of a banner image. This would be used as part of the visual graphics/signage on the day and help to introduce the character to delegates as they arrived. The image required Pete to be on the foredeck of the pilot launch, in position to climb a typical pilot ladder. Reference for the ladder being from our gained knowledge from the Facebook Dangerous Ladders group and the client. Again the medium used was the same as for the mug artwork to ensure consistency. Additional items of Whale, mountains and dolphins particular to New Zealand and Wellington helping to build the scene.

We were also pleased to be asked to look at creating a welcome introduction to be played through the TV screens for the start of the conference. This would give a voice and animation to the character whereby he could introduce himself to delegates, the conference gift and some of the other attractions available, before handing over to the NZMPA President.X-banner art

As a supplier, we loved being involved with this project. It took us down a creative path where we could exploit what was possible using both traditional and digital technology. Contact was primarily through email due to the time differences but if anything clearly demonstrates what is possible with a clear project brief and creative client.