Pilot Pete 2020 Calendar

2019 was a busy time for us. Not only have we been working on some large images, but have also been busy creating 12 calendar scenarios for a Pilot Pete pilot ladder safety calendar.

Pilot Pete was a character that we created late during 2018 for the New Zealand Maritime Pilots Association conference in Wellington New Zealand.

Following on from the conference, we developed some basic sketches into something we felt could form the basis for a calendar. Working with Steve Banks (President NZMPA) who provided technical and regulatory guidance the various depictions gradually grew in number.

Pilot Pete Calendar image

The NZMPA version went off to print in late October and a UK version was also adapted and is now in final print approval. The main topics remain consistent between the two, bar a few local variations.

NZMPA cover artwork above left and UKMPA based calendar artwork (back page below).