Where 3D 180 fails

Having used the VUZE XR 3D 180 and 2D 369 camera for 12 months, what have we learned? In essence the camera likes light. By this we mean a good strong daylight will give the best results. Once the daylight begins to fade, noise starts to appear in images and for anything approaching dawn or dusk the results can be distinctly average.

Next matter on our hit list is that the 3D fades away one objects are more than a few metres away. Once you reach a distance of 3 metres and above, 3D virtually becomes 2D and any benefits of having both lenses facing forward drops off rapidly.

I would suggest that to get the best results from 180 degree 3D mode, use in good daylight and keep subject matter close by. Not too close however as anything closer than 30cm will cause issues for those viewing the site. There is definitely a sweet spot between this and the 3 metre zone.

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